After receiving my primero examen de espanol, I realized I would need to spend more time studying spanish. But with several AP and college classes, I found it hard to dedicate an allotted amount of time to studying Spanish. However, I know I am not alone, many juniors at our high school struggle in a foreign language, mainly because it just too much to memorize or they just don't have the time to study it. Since this is a relatively widespread problem in education, Rohan and I sought to solve this in HackingEDU.

What it does

  1. User(User 1) goes on our website, and selects the language he or she wants to practice in and texts his or her friend a message in that language. If he doesn't know how to say it, he can check in the '?' tab, if he just wants to confirm that he is right, the check mark tab will do it for him.
  2. When the User 1 sends the text, it goes through to display on the site, and gets sent to the twilio server. Twilio then sends the translated message to the other user(User 2) while maintaining the integrity of the message, but in a language that User 2 understands.
  3. User 1 will see all the messages that he sends and get in the language that he is practicing in, while User 2 will see all the text messages in a language that he understands (by default english).

How I built it

I used angular.js and several APIs listed below to create a node.js app that is capable of performing this hack. With Twilio we are able to send text messages back and forth, and the project couldn't have been done with out the help of the Twilio API.

Challenges I ran into

I found Twilio somewhat difficult to get working, but nevertheless I got it. Also, a huge setback was getting parse to work. Another difficulty is that we had so little time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app works!

What I learned

From a bit of javascript to some new APIs, I found out that Hackathons can be interesting and fun to attend. I got more comfortable with the Twilio API.

What's next for Say Hola 2 Me

More language support, and few bug fixes, and improving several features.

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