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With increasing number of bots in the industry and the amount of data being generated, It is now the need of hour to bring Insights out of those raw data. With being part of one of the biggest RPA COE with hundreds of bots in production, I have always felt the need of a product or a solution that gives us powerful insights and forecast there by the overall efficiency of Bot, Process can be increased. When we came across the UI Path's Devpost hackathon, We were overjoyed to know that we have got a platform to give all our wild ideas a try and this dashboard is the result of all our thought process and hardwork over the period of time.

What it does

This is an intelligent and intuitively designed dashboard keeping lot of factors and scenerios in mind which will provide great insights and forecast to take better business decissions.

This Dashboard could be integrated to any of the customer's environment by just publishing it. When the user clicks on the “UiPath RPA Log Dashboard”, the user would land in the Home Page. From here the user could be directed to

  1. The Log Summary dashboard which would provide the descriptive analysis of the data.
  2. The Failure Analytics which would provide insights on the failure and details about the failed Bots, thereby forecasting the failure.
  3. The Log Analytics which would provide insights to plan and implement business decisions.


How we built it

We followed Design thinking Process taking into account of all possible scenerios and filtering out those data and insights which will give maximum benefit to the user. Keeping the fact that how important it would be for a RPA bot or the team to send error notifications and periodical report to the stakeholders. we have tried to implement such functionalities with in the dashboard itself so that lot of manual hours will be saved. The dashboard was built using a dummy data set. Dashboard link

(It is published on Tableau public, thus anyone could access it. For enterprise level, it would be published in Tableau Server and users can be monitored.)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. The fact that the dashboard provides lot of forecast which when taken in to account by support team will reduce their Turn Around Time to a large extent.
  2. Sending Email notification to stakeholders if the RPA logs found to have any error.
  3. Reducing lot of manual hours for report generation.
  4. Implementing Design Thinking Process.
  5. Developing a working dashboard with all the UI/UX implementations.
  6. Sucessfuly submitting what we aimed to complete.

What's next for Savvy Insights

We have future scope of developing a phython script which reads the Bot logs from folder real time and stores in DB so that the dashboard is updated automatically in real time. We hope to get lot of constructive feedbacks and suggestions from the user's so that the dashboard's functionalities can be enhanced to a greater level. Also would love to hear from different users and their stories of how our dashboard is helpful in steering their business decisions.

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