We were inspired to create this project because there are many women who struggle to find and apply for jobs with confidence. These women deserve a place where they can securely apply for a job that suits their skills and abilities. We created a website with a database of businesses that supports diversity programs and treats everyone equally in business, encouraging more women to stand up for themselves in business and technology.

What it does

Savvy is a career website that contains a database of tech businesses with some of the best opportunities for women. It allows women to apply for jobs with a greater self-assurance and support from other women who have struggled down similar career paths.

How we built it

We built this application through Atom, using HTML for the layout and CSS for the styling. While an index.html was obviously created, we also created a results.html which was the center of our web application. The web application used a database of JSON along with JavaScript to transform the data into a functioning program. This was later added to the website.

Challenges we ran into

There were quite a few challenges that we ran into. First, much of us did not have a knowledge of JavaScript, so we had to communicate ideas to mentors, who were able to help us with the JS side. Also, errors kept coming from the application, and since the JSON items were not organized well, they took a long time to spot. New errors were constantly popping up, often from small capitalization and spelling errors that did not allow the program to work before debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to understand what we have made! It took quite a while to be able to know how everything worked, even if mentors explained it very well. We are also proud of being able to know enough HTML and CSS to be able to construct a simple website since there are not many ways to practice this (and it is also not taught in school).

What we learned

We learned about IDs for HTML and how they are used in replacement for classes when only one object is being talked about. We also learned about JSON, since we only used it previously for Alexa skills for Amazon. Lastly, we learned about how to make variables and functions in JavaScript. The mentors were especially helpful in communicating and teaching new technological concepts.

What's next for Savvy

There will be more female-friendly businesses added to the program. In fact, the web application in the website could be automatically updated through Python and more JavaScript. This would be an excellent idea for the future. In the future, more categories of fields and locations could be added to the application and website. This would transform the application, making it usable for people throughout the world. We also hope to include full-length testimonies written by women who have had unique career paths whose stories will inspire other women.

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