Kids don't have access to bank accounts. Instead, most kids under 18 years of age earn money through presents, allowance, chores or work. With no bank account access, how do they know how much money they've got?

What it does

Our SavrBud provides an interactive social platform by which kids are able to track their spending and saving in an easy and fun way. It provides motivation by reminding children of their goals, and in a game like style has quizzes whereby kids can learn the skills imperative to successfully reaching their financial goal in an efficient and smart manner. There are many apps available for parents to teach their children budgeting, but few aimed at the child, for the child to take charge of their own financial learning.

How we built it

Using pure python in conjunction with the Pycharm IDE and Kivy library for cross-platform graphical apps. We were able to successfully create a functioning prototype app.

Challenges we ran into

When coding we came across many errors we didn't understand and were constantly utilizing stack overflow to solve our technical programming queries. Thus, we were initially extremely slow in setting up the base pages. We were worried that perhaps our App wouldn't work or completed to an appropriate extent on time. However, into the long hours of the night, as our familiarity with Kivy increased, as did our speed and we were able to produce something remarkable for our circumstances and the time provided - our first Hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing this hackathon despite our circumstances is something we're very proud of. As a two-person team, both with limited Kivy experience, especially with one member having just learnt Python within a week, we were still able to create a fully functioning app.

What we learned

Our technical skills improved immensely, not only through the 24-hour application of them but the week of intense preparation for this UNIHACK.

What's next for Savrbuds

Restricted by time and technical ability, we were unable to implement and create many desired graphical, and game-like features. Thus, kid-friendly features including a growing money tree, an online store for Savrcoins™, quests and levels will for sure be implemented later on.

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