Car emissions are a major cause of global warming. A a multi-modal transportation network that facilitates sustainability can drastically reduce CO2 emissions and enable us to make healthier choices for ourselves and for the environment.

What it does

Incentivize transportation pattern changes by rewarding sustainable transportation choices with credits to offset energy costs

How I built it

Simple web application done in Vanilla JS and HTML as the prototype with a Python back-end connected to Google maps API.

Challenges I ran into

Integration with Google API and finding common coding practices among developers with very different coding backgrounds.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Finding an exciting idea to work with
  • Learning to work in a very diverse team
  • Building a working prototype
  • Incentivizing sustainable travelling choices

What I learned

  • Integrating Google map API
  • For some it was their first time using Javascript!

What's next for Savr

  • Moving it to a more mobile device framework like Flutter, React, or Swift.
  • Integration wearables and step tracker.
  • Integration with phone GPS
  • Integration with car share apps
  • Integration with Translink Compass
  • Integration with Mobi bike share
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