We wanted to help students learn about financial budgeting, ensuring that they learn to save money and budget effectively.

What it does

Implemented a scanner system, in which users can scan barcodes to implement costs, rather than manually inputting it themselves

How I built it

We used Flutter and Dart to create the application, and json for the backend. The website was created with HTML/CSS/JS in order to showcase and demonstrate UX interface for the application. UX design was created with Illustrator and Invision.

Challenges I ran into

We faced many bugs with the scanner system, as well as formatting for the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The scanner is able to update real-time and present data back to users.

What I learned

Zach (1st Hackathon) -Learned how to use Flutter framework, how to use functions within a code, how to create UI in applications Nephthalim (3rd Hackathon) -Flutter with backend development Oliver (2nd Hackathon) - Website development with HTML/CSS/JS, application development with Dart, Github organization Evan (1st Hackathon) - First UX project, skills needed and designs, learned how to intersect functionality with creativity.

What's next for SavourFinal

Further implementations of machine learning and optimization. Stronger analytics and personal recommendations.

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