Revolut's presentation. We thought this challenge was an opportunity for us to practice using API's.

What it does

The application takes a user ID and analyze all his/her transactions in order to calculate when he/she saved money and how many he saved. then when he wants to

How we built it

On Xcode

Challenges we ran into

Using the tableview was huge difficulty. We kept testing to get the results we wanted. We assumed that the bank charges 13% of the fee exchanged to foreign currency.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To finish up to what we were aiming for at the beginning.

What we learned

Our team members have only started iOS programming about two months ago. We learned how to use Social API's such as Twitter and Facebook. A LOT of programming skills working on Xcode and swift. Using the tableview to display a large amount of data. Designing the user interface was something new for us.

What's next for Savior

Adding a login page so different users can check their own transactions and amount saved. At the moment, there is no login page, so the user id must be included while compiling.

Built With

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