Real story from one of our teammates:

Recently, a very close relative of mine, very close to my heart, tragically suffered from a heart attack. By god's grace he survived and is in good health. So, what happened then, made me think that, why is technology not taking over such issues. The immediate action of the people around him to make him lie down and give him an aspirin. This got me thinking, what if there was no one around, what if no one was home at that time, what if the ambulance could not find its way to our home easily.

What it does

Saviour is a wearable device attached to your watch, which performs live ECG and detects irregularities in heartbeats and ejects out an edible piece of paper which has Asprin in the prescribed amout which must be administered to the patient who suffers a heart attck. All the patient needs to do is to bring the paper close to the tongue and it immediately dissolves, providing with the required amount of Aspirin orally, for maximum efficacy. Not only that it is also interfaced with an application that would notify the nearest hospital and also the community that have the application in a particular radius so that they can reach out for assistance as well. Saviour is also interfaced with a web portal. Over the web portal, the user is required to provide with all the pertinent information as current medications, medical history, latest reports and Health Insurance Policy Details. This would not only be helpful in case of emergencies like heart attacks, haemorrhages and accidents when the hospital needs certain details but cannot have them but also a step towards creating a unified and universal health records of a population and make it easier for the medical practitioners to view precise information. This will also make mediclaims hassle-free as all the pertinent details are taken by the system.

Challenges we ran into

Implementation of Client Side App for generating an SOS to hospital and community in case of a heart attack. Hospital Side implementation of the web portal for Information. Detection of the irregularity in the heartbeat that would signify a heart attack. Dealing with False positive in case of detection.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a complete and functional patient side portal which receives and stores pertinent information. We designed the the wearable device and did complete hardware implementation of the electronics.

What's next for Saviour

Complete integration of the Hardware with the Application and the Web portal

How to view the web portal

Clone the repository to your system or simply download the ,zip file from

Over Command Line create a local python server with the command: python -m http.server 8000

View the web portal at : http://localhost:8000/

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