Traditional emergency response apps usually involve the user saving a predefined number of contacts, usually three, as receivers in case of an emergency. If the user finds himself in distress, in most cases, an sms or call alert is sent to these predefined contacts. However, this is often of little help to the person in distress. His predefined contacts may be sleeping, stuck in traffic, or simply too far away to actively help him. In comes Saviour. Rather than relying on a predefined list of contacts who will most probably not be available to save the person sending the distress signal, Saviour enlists the help of nearby registered users of the application. They receive an alert on their phones informing them that a person is in danger, and can press the "Accept" button to instantly open a Google Maps interface guiding them to the location of the distress signal. If they are unavailable to help, they can press the "Decline" button to have the server select another person to help. And nothing can be easier to send this distress signal than a simple tap on an icon on your watch. Safe, discreet, secure. Saviour harnesses the power of community to guarentee your safety.

Saviour is a "Linked" type application and requires both a Gear-compatible Samsung phone and compatible Samsung Galaxy Gear device to function. Saviour was developed using the Tizen SDK and Tizen IDE, in conjunction with the Samsung SDK and Android Developer Tools.

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