Many times people get in trouble.There are times when there is no balance to call or send a message.Even if they have balance,they may not be in a position to call...This is when Help comes into action..

How it works

You can preconfigure 5 mobile numbers of your near and dear. When in trouble, 1.Just connect to the internet, 2.Open the app or use the readily available widget or use app on iWatch 3.Press send to send an emergency message and call to your preconfigured numbers along with your present location..

Accomplishments I am proud of

Proud that I have learnt a lot in the process of developing the app

What's next for Saviour

1.At present, preconfigured "help me" message and call are sent.In the coming versions,Users will have the option to customize the message sent and also upload a custom audio file to be sent over call. 2.Currently iOS App with a today extension and app for iWatch is done.It will be extended to all mobile platforms and wearables etc

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