With the ever increasing rate of physical assaults, we wanted to develop a platform that would not only help save citizens from these dangers, but also prevent future acts like these.

What it does

Our alert based criminal inhibition platform, Savior, fills this hole, and allows the average person to safely walk in the dark dark and through dangerous areas. Our app contain two main components. The first component allows users to summon a certified “walking companion” to accompany them to their destination. The walking companion undergoes a background check as well as a psychological test to ensure safety. The app can be put into aware mode so that the phone is armed in the event that the user is actually in danger. When in this mode, they can quickly push a button to send out both a distress signal and data collected from the sensors such as photos, audio snippets, location data and more. In the circumstance that a certified companion is unavailable or the user feels endangered, our app has an integrated criminal inhibition system that will automatically activate and go into “aware” mode which starts to collect data using all of the phone’s sensors and store them in a remote server for later use similar to a plane’s black box. Additionally, all of the data that is collected from the various phones is automatically processed and analyzed by our advanced neuronetwork. This creates “hotspots”, or areas of high crime which is used to help determine safe routes for travel and alert the user when they are entering into such areas. If the user does, however, enter into one of the hotspot locations, the phone again is automatically put into aware mode.

How we built it

We approached our problem in a two-pronged solution: though an android application and a web application. Each medium has its own advantages, and using these advantages, we were able to create a more efficient model to carry out our application. Our android application has greater access to a variety of sensors, and thus we used these sensors to our benefit though our alert system. Our web application as much better for server-side operations, and thus handled more of the analytics of our application.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges with finding routes for saviors and implementing the backend google maps and firebase APIs since they handle raw data that needs to be processed before it can be displayed to the user. Some of these challenges included syncing the maps between the web and android app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making a successful platform on both the web and the mobile android operating system to help victims of assaults and other dangerous situations.

What we learned

We learned about the Google Maps API and developing software that can communicate between both mobile and website platforms.

What's next for Savior

We have developed an anonymous platform that allows developers to access data from our database to help community safety while also protecting the privacy of our users.

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