The research shows people are highly at risk of violence or other abuse in a domestic setting during Covid-lockdown. Thankfully, there are both national and international organisations and initiatives continuously helping those people to tackle the serious life situation. On the other hand, during the quarantine it is often really hard to recognise victims of domestic violence, even help them to escape to safe place.


"The app offers a quick and easy (SAFE AND TRUSTWORTHY) way to inform authorities about the abuse in the neighbourhood whilst ensuring the victims' privacy and safety."

The idea is to create a free access application to enable anyone to report suspicious behaviour in the neighbourhood relating to domestic violence or abuse. Each EU citizen will be able to help victims promptly by identifying them, despite quarantine. The police, authorities and local help centres will see all tip-offs on the map. They can then access the risk and take appropriate actions in accordance with the law. This app allows multiple alerts to be raised. The more alerts reported can better indicate that something maybe happening in that household.

Furthermore, each user of the application, can volunteer as a mediator to help the victim get away from the tormentor to safe place (refuge, asylum, intervention centre...). The volunteer will be in touch with the local community centre (e.g. the nearest asylum) and altogether (with the victim´s cooperation, if possible) prepare the safety plan for transferring the victim to safe place. The victim´s safety is on the first place. All steps must go confidentially, respect actual situation and national rules and laws.

The solution can be applicable during the crisis (lockdown is not the constrain) as well as after the crisis and scaled to meet all EU citizens.


In conclusion, the SAVIOR.EU is not another app informing people about domestic violence or encrypted app for abused ones. It is a tool for witnesses who often hesitate or do not know how to help. The app is based on some easy to action steps: step 1 mark the address on the map, step 2 add a description (testimony). step 3 send, step 4 officers of law/volunteers contacted. Anybody can be SAVIOR.


The international virtual team work improved our project management competences. At first, it was essential to follow the vision, put ideas on table and set the framework. Then, during the intensive work, it was important to stay motivated. We also learned how to share thoughts effectively, how to inspire each other. We improved technical skills as well as communication. The hackathon was the excellent opportunity for us at all.


The application should include the editable online map, alert signs, description box with contact to the witness or anonymous mode, interconnection to police, careworkers, local help communities/organisations and authorities incl. actual contacts; FAQ. It should run both on smart devices (phones, tablets, watches) and PC/NB. As a useful tool we consider Mapme.

The SAVIOR.EU follows these questions in particular:

  1. Do you see or hear anyone in your surrounding who might be suffering from domestic violence?-> Mark an alert on the map followed by clear description of what you have/are witnessing.

  2. Do you know an abused person who wants to escape but can´t do it alone (desperate, no opportunity, dis-orientated)? The application will put you through the nearest interventional centre (refuge, asylum, another agency...).There, they will advise you how to proceed in transfering a victim to safe place in accordance with rules and law.


Despite time limit there was a challenge to find mobile app developers. Although we weren´t able to create a prototype without developer in given time, we focused on descriptive parts of the project (attached) and didn´t give up.


For more information, please find attached the presentation (incl. impact potential, technical details, business plan) or visit the website and FB SaviorEU.


The project is in its infancy, but we believe this can be swiftly developed. Thus, next steps will be prototyping, testing, releasing beta version. To ensure the success there should be a close cooperation with police and authorities. Data storage and protection should be solved. Also, there must be effective promotion and marketing plan.

We kindly ask for any support, professional, financial, technical to bring the SAVIOR.EU to life asap.

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