We were inspired to build this out of our lover for nature and environmentalism. We have all seen the lack of care and support society is showing for the environment. We believed that it was most important to educate people on how to take care of the environment.

What it does

The website is an informational website that educates people about environmentalism. We raise awareness about various topics such as acid rain, deforestation, pollution, and global warming. We also have pages devoted to specific issues like climate change and fossil fuels. Along with that we have a page to advise people on how to get started with saving Earth and a page about the three r's which are an important concept in environmentalism.

How we built it

We built this website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web development capabilities. We also used for website hosting and as a code editor that we could all edit simultaneously. Along with that we used GitHub and Git for version control and storing the code on GitHub. We also wire framed using Figma.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into challenges with communication, we did not have any common methods of communication to use so had to resort to emailing which was a hassle and slowed communication. We also had issues with the short time frame and trying to submit the project on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of overcoming our communication issues and being able to communicate effectively. We are also proud of overcoming our struggles as beginners at web development.We were able to effectively wire frame using Figma and were able to create an user friendly design.

What we learned

We learnt about web development and online collaboration with We also learnt about wireframing and design with Figma along with the importance of design. We also got the opportunity to learn more about the environment as we strove to educate people further regarding it.

What's next for Saving Earth

In the future we hope to add a subscription form to send out weekly newsletters about news in the environmentalist community. We also hope to create an online community devoted to saving the environment with a login system created using Firebase authentication.

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