Climate change is one of the serious issues at present time and its impacts should be understood by the people. So we thought we could contribute towards the welfare of the society by helping the people to understand about the seriousness of the issue and unite them using a application.

What it does

Our web application automatically calculates the carbon footprints of each individual by monitoring their daily activities. The major contribution to the carbon emission by humans falls broadly into three categories namely travel, food and household. Our webapp monitors the individual and provides update about the level of carbon footprints collected per day , per month and compares it with the national average for that particular period of time. Based on the results obtained we provide tips to the individual in such a way that he/she can reduce the carbon emission from their daily activities. Thus paving the way to save our planet.

How we built it

We automatically forward the mails containing travel receipts, food receipts and electricity bills from the user using google scripts which runs every minute to the Sparkpost api. Sparkpost api provides us with the json format of the mail. We parse the data from mail using regex and obtain the values of miles traveled, the kind of foods ordered and the electricity bills for the month and store it i mongodb. We also allow users to take pictures of the food and send it to our system which in turn uses the clarifai api which helps us to find the kind of and calculate the carbon foot prints accordingly. Also we use microsoft cognitive api which converts the bills of image type to get the appropriate values. We then use our algorithm to calculate the carbon foot print and compare it with the national average and depict the results in various graphs. We also send tips to user in order to reduce the carbon emission using the twilio api based on the carbon emitted values of the individual. Twilio, Microsoft cognitive api and clarifai apis were incorporated using Rapid API.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges of data collection. Automation of mail forwarding to sparkpost api. Deployment in AWS was a learning curve. Analyzing the data and devising the algorithm accordingly. These were few challenges that we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have created a webapp which could help people to understand the importance of climate change easily and also unite everyone to work towards the betterment of the world.

What we learned

We have explored a lot of technologies through this web app. We learned about the AWS and spinning EC2 container as a docker container. We learnt about the robustness of sparkpost and rapid api. We learnt how to set up continuous integration and load balancers. We came to know about tools like ngrok for better workflow and integration testing.

What's next for SaveUrPlanet

Building a mobile app which will let us better understand the user behavior and get data points accordingly. Creating a game with friends who can be added and compare scores against each other. Also to figure out various ways to increase awarness among the people about climate change.

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