A deadly earthquake rocked Mexico one month ago. It affected mayor cities, including Mexico City, but it also destroyed small towns with no communication to ask for help. For two weeks, millions of Mexicans tried to volunteer at Mexico City without any organization or order. Mexicans full of hope, but ignorant to the fact that Mexico City had enough resources and volunteers, and that excluded towns had been starving for two weeks because not even the government knew about the way the disaster affected them. I'm one of those Mexicans that tried to help but had no idea about two important problems until friends decided to explore uncommunicated areas in different states to look for people in need.

(1) No one knew about the need in these towns.

(2) Food and other resources were going to waste at Mexico City and other mayor cities.

Our journey to help others in need.

What it does

SaveTrek is a website which brings awareness for abandoned low income towns in third world countries. Using a real-time database, the user can add points on the map which either are in need for resources or the places which have a surplus of resources for distribution. SaveTrek also entails a delivery system which deals with the voluntary transportation of these resources.

How we built it

Using the Google Maps API and the Google Address Autocomplete we created a platform which would map out the locations and the resource requirement or supply on our map updated using real time data. We used Google Firebase as our data storage and then queried the selected points on the map to obtain real time information. We put together this in a website which would be a platform to request and provide resources.

Challenges we ran into

  • Using multiple external APIs from the same vendor.
  • Limiting the functionality to create a working model in the giving time.
  • Obtaining real time information by scouting the Internet and blogs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Real time marker location on the Google Map.
  • Data compilation of resource requirement by small towns.
  • Addition of new places on the map through our website.

What we learned

  • Working with the Google APIs.
  • Work allocation based on skill set and requirement for the project.
  • Extent of the problems caused by natural calamities.

What's next for SaveTrek

  • Delivery system to optimize distribution of resources to right area of disasters.
  • Expansion of this to beyond the Mexico Earthquake.
  • Real time database of resources present at shelter homes and gathering stations.

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