Inspiration making the world a better place

What it does

its an Android app, the idea is that you would login with your facebook account, all your friends would be transferred into the app, then your 'feed' would be a live feed of current national disasters and food/water drives etc. from there you would be able to click a like and be taken to a page if wanted to donate to any particular cause, you would be able to see how many of your friends donated to each 'disaster' charities/initiative, however you wouldn't be able to see the amount they donated (unless they want to share it)

How I built it

became a facebook developer installed and learnt how to use android studio learnt how to implement the Facebook login api leanrt how to use ReliefWeb Api

Challenges I ran into

Learning all the language stuff i needed learning how to implement APIs learning how to use android studio

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

correctly implemented the facebook login API successfully created an android app

What I learned

implementing APIs android studio

What's next for SaveTheWorld

I only managed to implement the facebook login, began to try use the ReliefWeb API, so the app isnt even nearly finished, so I'll finish it in my own time

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