Good habits..... that's what we're about. No one built Rome in one day and no one became financially healthy overnight. Being financially healthy is like being physically healthy. Crash diets and Insanity workouts only work in the short term. In order to make a lifetime change, people have to change the small things in their daily life..... and these changes need to become habits. Good habits. Lifelong habits.

SaveSense ( helps millenials to understand hidden savings opportunities to increase their chances of savings and meeting financial goals. SaveSense makes recommendations on 30 day challenges to form good habits around saving. Challenges are developed based on lifestyle factors and demographic groups that align with the user. Challenges can be improved or modified based on the user response, efficiency and demographic intelligence. Progress is emphasized through support of members in the demographic who push each other to save. Once a challenge is complete, users see an increase in their savings and suggestions are provided on what to do with them. Once again, this pushes millenials to know what to save for and why. SaveSense is not just about saving for yourself, its also about saving for us, the millenials together.

For millennials, tackling large loans can be overwhelming. For this reason, we offer simple, achievable challenges that focus on improvements and progress. It's about feeling the small successes and taking the first steps toward financial confidence. It's about creating and positively re-enforcing good habits.

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