The reality that being out alone isn't always safe. During nights out we often get separated from our friends and may find ourselves in uncomfortable circumstances. Savering Me allows you to always feel safe at all times since you friends are just a ring away.

What it does

Provides safety and peace of mind.

How we built it

Prototype 'ring' with an Arduino, App through Android Studio. We used Google Play Services locations API to retrieve our current devices location. Our goal was then to calculate distance from other selected mobile devices to set of an alarm when the devices were separated by a certain distance. The other functionality of our app would allow the user to twist the ring which is connected to the app. This would trigger a signal to predetermined contacts that they need help. This was accomplished using the Arduino

Challenges we ran into

React Native gave us tons of installation issues which unfortunately ate up a large chunk of our time before we decided to just switch to android studio. Due to our limited time with android studio, we also ran into a few challenges. One of our main issues was communicating to the API using the emulator. We kept running into authorization errors when trying to access our location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Jumping straight into mobile development and learning about various aspects along the way!

What we learned

Set-up often takes longer (or much longer) than expected.

What's next for savering me

A prototype ring to see if we can fit the technology needed into a small accessory

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