We are all having an uncertain situation. Covid-19 is one of the biggest concerns right now. That's why our team decided to create a web app that will be useful for everyone. Also, we tried to inspire our users to know about the COVID-19 vaccine and how it's distributed in new york. why we need to get the vaccine. also, we are trying to develop a better communication platform between doctors and patients through our website.

What it does

This website gives users information about COVID-19, Vaccination, different images, videos to learn more about covid-19 and vaccination. The user can sign up here. collect data from users.

How we built it

We use Visual Studio, Git, Github, and Google Colab to share our code. We used Zoom, discord, Microsoft teams to communicate with each other. we used JAVASCRIPT, HTML, and CSS to develop our website

Challenges we ran into

The most challenge we faced was communication and timing. Our team members live in different locations and in a different timezone. So it was super challenging for us to communicate at the same time. This is our first Hackathon and we all are beginners in this project. It was very challenging for us to code on the same platform. We didn't have experience with how to share code, edit it, and collab together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our website will help people to encourage them to take the vaccine and get more information about COVID-19. We are proud that we worked in a team to develop one single project together from different places.

What we learned

We learned how to work on a group project. We develop our coding skills through the project. We learned how to use GitHub and share our project online.

What's next for SaveNewYork

We haven't completed our project yet as we planned. We have more ideas to work in the project To help people during the COVID-19 in New York. We also try to use a platform how we can develop communication between Doctor and Patients through our website.

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