Climate change is a huge problem for our society and it only continues to grow. Among climate scientists, more than 90% believe human activity has contributed to an increase in greenhouse gases. While many people recognize that climate change is a problem, taking action to combat it remains a challenge.

What it does

DreamGreen is an Android app that lets you track your carbon footprint, providing you with analysis and tips to combat climate change on a personal level.

How we built it

Using Java in Android, we created a simple form based app that collects user inputted data from the XML layout frontend and Java on the backend to provide useful analysis. Our scores are based on algorithms that give weights to various daily activities that contribute to climate change, providing a score that reflects one’s environmental friendliness.

Challenges we ran into

Settling conflicting merges, determining important factors and weights for score algorithms, and determining how to translate our ideas into Android.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A mostly functional app that can potentially help millions of ordinary people take action to fight climate change in their own lives.

What we learned

We learned how everyday actions can impact the global emissions; also, we improved our Android and APIs knowledge.

What's next for DreamGreen

Adding more data for the user to input and optimize the algorithm to be more accurate. Also providing more maps and relevant climate data for people to become more informed.

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