We all know the feeling when we trust a store or an online shop and we buy all the products we need from there, not caring about the competitors. At the same time, some of the products that we usually buy have a large addition to the original price. Therefore the idea of this application came as a solution!

What it does

SaveIt analyses last purchases of a customer and based on that information it provides a cheaper market alternative for each product that did not have the most advantageous price. Our application compares prices for the same product from different online resources, it offers statistics of the money that could have been saved by buying products from a different store.

How we built it

First of all, our website and static files have been running on a node.js server and have been built in HTML, CSS and angular.js. Secondly, the database was created using PostgreSQL, as well as having a restful API built in SpringBoot. Finally, We have also used price API.

Challenges we ran into

The majority of the challenges came from the back-end part, the most relevant one is the asynchronous management of restful API request. It runs as a job so it needs to be queried frequently in order to fetch the response. Furthermore, this has made the front-end templates harder to render giving us no choice other than improvising a caching system focussed around our database.

Accomplishments that we proud of

3500 lines of working code.

What we learned

It was a great challenge as it was the first time for us to use SpringBoot. The level of abstractification is really high wich makes it really complicated to debug. A large amount of time was allocated to the implementation of the logger.

What's next for SaveIt

Several features can be added in the future, they are related to studying the transaction behaviour of the customer in order to offer suggestions for related products regarding their needs.

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