There are exercises to relieve your eyes tension, unfortunately no one does them. That is why we made an app, to know that is the level of your vision.

What it does

Allows to check the vision without the doctor - only monitor and mobile phone is required

How I built it

We done it during meteor hackathon, by two persons, one learning React another Mobile Cordova

Challenges I ran into

We've been new in building android app - unfortunately it's not that fast to setup whole environment from scratch for mobile development

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That was great for two persons who have met for a first time yesterday to challenge new technologies and to have the working result

What I learned

React, Mobile apps development

What's next for Save Your Eye

Make it beautiful

Packages used

  • react
  • kadira:flow-router
  • kadira:react-layout
  • stolinski:stylus-multi
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