Water is a crucial resource for the livelihood of people and sustained development of any economy. For Pakistan, it takes on more significance, as the economy is agrarian in nature and depends on a single source, the Indus basin, to meet most of its water needs. Hence, water availability and its efficient utilization lie at the heart of any strategy aimed at ensuring food security and achieving a sustained long-term economic growth.

In this backdrop we conceive an ides of Water Smart Metering System that serves as a audit and fair distribution of water all over Pakistan.

How does it works

The system is very simple like any metering / measuring system

  • The device is install at the water receiving and flowing ends of any household or business.
  • The smart GSM device is fully functional to send and receive data from water terminals
  • Water Management authority send bills on the usage
  • Fix gallons are allow for users to use per month
  • For extra water usages users have to pay per liter
  • For gamification users give incentives to save water. the points are added in the user account which they use on emergency conditions when lots of users at place to use water

How we built it

We have three main components:

  1. End-users mobile application
  2. Water Meter
  3. CDA Dashboard

Challenges we ran into work

  • Data not available
  • Help for data process

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we have achieved: Created a design for mobile and backend. Build a prototype to demonstrate its working.

Working as a team Brainstorming different ideas Collaboration on different aspects of project Knowing each other’s strong areas and weakness

What we learned

Exposure to new technologies Think out of box Deliverable in short time Conservation of natural resources

What's next for Save Water

  • Check Water Impurity System
  • Complaint about leakages, unfair usage etc.
  • Data will be open data. Available for all so that used for research purposes.

Sustainability and Scalability

Initial Phase/Pilot in Islamabad: Water meters will be installed in the major sectors but with time the installations of the water meters will be covering each home because each one has water connection/pulling water from ground.

Long Term: As a essential tool, Governments will take over to whole country to every water using place to measure and bill the amount of water is being used at home/factories/industries.

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