• Wanted to raise awareness about the dangers of ocean pollution on marine animals in a fun way

What it does

  • Educates young children about marine pollution through the use of an interactive game and information page

How we built it

  • With a lot of help from Hack SoCal mentors, w3schools, and YouTube.
  • Used an HTML canvas animated with JavaScript and styled with CSS
  • Online images and image editors such as PhotoShop

Challenges we ran into

  • Planning and organizing a solution to a problem
  • Scoping and organization bugs with variables and functions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The first time our Seal game piece moved
  • Looping the pollution to re-spawn on screen
  • Creating multiple levels that flow into each other

What we learned

  • Variable scoping/organization
  • HTML canvas and updating with frames
  • Devastating effects of ocean pollution

What's next for Save the Seals

  • Increase target audience
  • Improve on educational information distributed within the program
  • Debugging and polishing

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