I was inspired by the pitch by the representative from The Wilderness Society. The need for advocacy is critical to sway policy decisions.

What it does

As a visitor to a public forest, I take many pictures. The Save The Forest app allows me to select those pictures, automatically bundle them into an advocacy message that I can share to my friends and contacts through Docusign. They can sign the message to prove their support, and this support can be forwarded to appropriate politicians and policy makers. The document also allows them to directly send a donation to The Wilderness Society.

How I built it

I built an iOS app in Swift and used the native Docusign SDK and the Docusign portal to create a template. I also create a custom PDF document for the envelope to include the shared photos and custom message.

Challenges I ran into

Finding the methodology to make the Docusign envelope construction seamless took a lot of research, experimentation, and support from Docusign engineers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app is incredibly easy to use - just add photos, recipients, and hit send. This was due to a lot of "clever" coding.

What I learned

I have a much deeper understanding of the Docusign platform, and the plight of our forest ecosystem.

What's next for Save The Forest

Integrating Docusign payments through the mobile app when that becomes available. More polish for the created documents, and some coordination with The Wilderness Society and this app could be ready to go.

Built With

  • ios-swift-docusign-pdfkit
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