Actually this was our first ever hackathon we are attending. We were very happy and exited to build a software in the facebook build day. We planned to focus on the children. So we decided to build a game for them to entertain them.

What it does

Actually this game is to entertain children and make them more accurate. This game has a lot of funny characters and stories which would eventually make the children to laugh. And moreover this game is very easy to play for kids as it has a simple user interface.

How I built it

I built this using html5 and using construct 2.

Challenges I ran into

Actually construct 2 was a very new platform for us. So learning it within a night and developing our product was a main challenge for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're satisfied as we made our 1st game within a night by learning new platforms and engines. Its a big milestone for us being a 17 year old programmer.

What I learned

I learnt the working of a game behind the screens and how to create a game using html5 and construct 2. moreover we learnt productivity skills, time factors, speed, accuracy and a lot of social skills.

What's next for Save the egg

Our next aim to add more levels to the game, so that it would be more interesting for the kids to play. We are planning to add more characters and improve our graphic quality.

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