We wanted to create a game that we could play on our phones or online. We can along this new idea that would push our current knowledge and decided it would be great. This idea quickly turned into us making a game with some kind of message or base to it. That message was to the green aspect, the game is all about stopping as much waste from entering the city so using trees and recycling wizards you can save the world.

What it does

it's a tower defense game. In this game you can place tree tower or recycling wizards down to prevent the movement of waste

How I built it

we built it using C# and Monogames library. Monogames helped us to develop the game so we could put it on a website if we ever wanted to.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge we ran into was that C# isn't the easy language to create this in and we all knew it would test our knowledge on C# so we ran into the issue of how to create projectiles. The next issue was that we wanted to make it available for mobile and websites but had to make a choice in the aspect of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are all really proud to say that we made our first game. This game can be easily uploaded to any website in the state it is now and can be moved to mobile platform with a little more work(which is what we will be doing after ECHACKS)

What I learned

We learned so much more about app creation which something none of us have ever done before. We all feel that we can create projects for apps with much easier since this was all a learning progress for us.

What's next for Save The Earth Tower Defense

This game will be going on the google play store soon after we add more features that we want to add. The game will also be uploaded to a site that we haven't yet made but will do so thanks to the MLH From here we will try to develop more games around promoting green for our school at Trent and for people to have a fun time playing while learning.

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