Manually importing class times into a calendar schedule is time-consuming and tedious but necessary task for college students. But what if it was automatic?

What it does

Using registration data from your school website, our app exports it to the calendar on your phone. When possible, it also generates a list of required textbooks, which the user then has the option of buying on Chegg, and a list of recommended school supplies based on the types of classes taken with a map to the nearest Target.

How we built it

The iOS app is built using Swift, while the Android app uses Java (Eclipse) and the Target API.

Challenges I ran into

Mimicking a user login is incredibly difficult due to security measures that in the case of UC Davis, our target school, include unique session ID's and cryptography.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our android application has a working Google Maps/Target interface. Our iOS app exports the events to the Apple calendar app.

What we learned

We learned basic Swift, as well as a basic useage of the Target and Chegg API.

What's next for Save the Date

Next, we want to add functionality so that users, instead of using Save the Date after they've registered, can use it beforehand to create schedules that are more reasonable than having all classes on one day, and can generate backup schedules when classes fill during the registration period.

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