The main agenda of this project is to reduce pollution and save valuable non renewable resources. List of non-renewable resources coal. petroleum. natural gas. nuclear energy. fossil fuels. Water. Except water all these non-renewable produce lot of carbon gases and as the usage is high we will run out of them in the near future.

What is standby power ? Standby is the state when the electronic devices (like TV) are connected to the power supply, but waiting for human interactive (Remote turn on switch) to turn on the display or do some work. In this state most of the circuit is on, transformers are stepping down the voltage, all the capacitors and inductors are loading and unload the charge. Consider a phone charger connected with a light, so the input source is 110v which is been continuously stepped down and this LED light is consuming some power.

How much does this power account for annually? Based on the calculations from CNET, a HDTV box costs you $9.44/year just to standby which might not be too much money/ year. But standby energy cost is 21W/h JUST FOR HDTV BOX TO STANDBY. Just imagine the total number of the large appliances in a house multiplied with the total number of devices in the entire country. This could accumulate to some 100s of MEGA WATTS/year. Reference URL

How to mitigate this standby power loss? With the electronic devices that we have the only option is unplugging the device when not in use, which is a hassle in many situations. So I came up with a circuit (attached) with unplugs your device completely, but when we press a button like TV power on button the remote it turns this circuit on first and the electronic appliance after that. Based on input signal a pulse is sent to the relay which turns the supply to the device and when we send another pulse the relay is in open circuit mode and the power is completely nullified, which reduces a lots of standby power losses, save non-renewable resources to produce the electricity and saving the earth from harmful gases.

What's next for SAVE STANDBY POWER (SSP)

If we could incorporate this circuit in every electronic device and create a separate device we would save a lot of energy and save the Planet earth.

Built With

  • multisim
  • virtual-circuit
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