We got the space idea from Constellation, saving Patrick came from Oblivion. In the end, we managed to pull it off with the best intentions in mind to do a wow effect. Then we saw CCIP's new technology so we have to try!

What it does

In the game, Patrick is stranded on a strange Ice planet. We have to help him find all suit parts (NFTs) so he can wear it while escaping back to Earth. As a reward players get one NFT whole suit. When players come to APP, they can mint 4 NFTs. If they have all 4 Parts they can burn them and get the whole NFT Suit on the other Chain. So they have to use MERGE and CCIP technology.

How we built it

We made a game in UE4, prepared all the 3D parts in Blender & Krita, and prepared all Solidity contracts with - Minter, - Destination Minter, - all Suit NFT and - 4 NFT parts Then we made an APP and implemented all these contracts and functionalities.

Challenges we ran into

We were facing a bad choice of teammates, but in the end, only managed to finish it with only 3. Transaction from burning 4 NFTs to CCIP was 38 minutes. Unreal Engine has a random bug, where some videos in the game can't be displayed. Vercel, where we put APP changed some colors, so some of the text was invisible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We create functionality where players can Mint, burn, and send crosschain data, where they can get the original Suit NFT, using CCIP. Players can Merge. We managed to make a game from idea to playable in just one month.

What we learned

We managed to learn about the new chainlink contract CCIP,

What's next for Save Patrick from Oblivion

First, we have to wait for the response of Patrick. Then we continue like this or put in other actors. Polish the game and add other 3D Characters, Add all NFTs to the Mainnets.

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