Currently we have economic inequality in the market and capitalization requires a truly free market where the customer has the power to make a choice. This causes need for customer to be aware of market.

Problem Statement- Every store has different prices of their products and it is not possible for customers to go to each and every store in the nearby area and compare the cost of products. This results into customers only frequenting their regular stores and purchasing the products, which is not always budget friendly.

Solution- A mobile app that will provide the customer with the cost of the product at all the stores surrounding their area enabling them to make a educated decision. Once a customer decides to purchase a product (such as milk) from a particular store it is added to their shopping list. Now once the customer is at the store app confirms with the customer whether the price shown to them on the app and on the store is the same or not. Also app tries to ask the customer to confirm price for other products as well. This helps other customers on using the app as well and if a customer contributes to the app then he is rewarded points which can be later redeemed.

Challenges we ran into:

Main challenge was how to detect fraud, i.e. how to make sure that some one is not adding false information to the application. To resolve this we have taken the approach to get the prices verified by customers and if a number of people report the price to be incorrect then the rating for the customer who provided false information will be decreased and if it repeats then that customer will be blocked from posting information on the app

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