I once had a nightmare about random rocks and objects falling on me while driving. After waking, I created a beautiful picture in my head of a possible game. So I decided to create a game that is somewhat similar to my dream.

What it does

The objective of this game is to avoid falling objects. You must reach a score of 3250 before your health reaches zero to win, otherwise, you lose.

How I built it

I built this game using java and the eclipse ide. This game consists of many programming skills, such as arrays, looping, inheritance, recursion and many other skills.

Challenges I ran into

After an opponent would reach a score a 3250, the program is supposed to terminate. Instead of terminating, the program would continually open many different files of the game simultaneously causing my computer to freeze forcing a restart. I was able to debug the program after number attempts. The solution was quite simple as all I had to do was stop the timer but it was a great learning experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally created my first game!!! When i first started working on this game, it was as if i was working on something that did not have an end. I worked hard and went past each obstacle and learning curve strongly and ending up creating a game i can be proud of for.

What I learned

I was able to apply my knowledge on Java programming which taught me a lot as I now got experience with it instead of just writing standardized tests. I learned that programming and creating projects seem difficult and very improbable to finish at first but when you start to work on it daily and diligently, progress will boost our self-esteem and make you eager to see what your project will look like at the end.

What's next for Save my Ferrari

Now it is time to make my game more advanced. The game perfectly with no user-interaction errors or bug but it is not a fully developed game. I need to add more features to make it more enjoyable. Some future features could include adding levels or facing friends online.

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