How many of you have sent a tweet, comment, email or Facebook post on a whim while being emotionally charged?

How many of you have unintentionally sent texts or rants that appear to take on an antagonistic tone over text without you meaning it to be?

I mean - I know at least one guy has (Trump).

Statistics have shown that emotionally charged rants online have a higher tendency of being offensive and hurtful as compared to text messages with a neutral tone.

Savemyface is a chrome extension that feeds your social media posts through IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer to warn you if your messages might be controversial or emotionally charged prior to sending.

The UX is simple - Activate the chrome extension, type your text in the textbox (Tweet, Facebook post etc.), and click the #Savemyface button beside the "Post" button for a quick analysis. Alternatively, Select and right click the text you want to analyse and click the #Savemyface chrome extension.

Try it yourself!. Make the world a more polite place :)

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