A few weeks ago I randomly the idea for this app. I forget how i conceived of it, but this hackathon seemed like a good excuse to turn it into a reality!

What it does

Put simply, people can broadcast their location to the server, and people can view broadcasted locations on a separate page.

Users who have multiple pings sent out will have their trail traces with the direction, and estimated velocity.

Challenges I ran into

Sleep deprivation, urge to shower.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've never used MySql before, and it was pretty fun to learn!

What I learned

  • How to use MySql
  • How to use maven
  • How to use Kotlin

What's next for

Not sure! It would would be expensive to host, but at the same time is something that should probably just be fast and free to use (or at least free to the people who need help).

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