Save Me, Hades!

Save Me, Hades! is a single player game for Google's Cardboard.

The dam at the River Styx has broken down! It's up to you, Lord Hades, to save all the Dead by… ahm… guiding them to their final destination - The Elysium, Fields of Asphodel or The Fields of Punishment.

The game works by having the player move their head, holding down the button to pick the Dead and then releasing it in their target direction. The smaller the interval the Player throws the Dead at the correct destination, the bigger the combo and the more points they get. But getting a higher combo mark also increases the river flow, making it harder to grab a hold of one of those souls...

Learn by Experience

In Save me, Hades! we've focused on a streamlined User Experience: Instead of teaching the game through cryptic self-discovery or heavy textual tutorials, we aim at letting the game teach itself to the user without being intrusive.

We do this with the clever usage of sprites and animations to indicate what the user should do. For example, upon picking a Bad Dead, a fire turns on at the lava to indicate the Dead should be thrown there! Or the pointer board that will shake whenever you pick a Neutral Dead, indicating you should let them flow down the Styx.

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Play for Hours

Save me, Hades! was made from ground up to allow for a fully immersive experience: the game design choice of not having to move around eliminates almost entirely the motion sickness issue, for example.

The camera positioning, river size, object distance... all are made to make sure the head movements are natural and as stress free as they can be. Top that with the steady and smooth FPS and beautiful models and you can - and friends already have! - spend hours playing the game.

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Everything Responds to You

All objects have multiple layers of interactivity in the game, not just the Dead: Try throwing a Dead in the Temple at a good angle to capitalize on the extreme bounciness for many points; Or pitch the Dead in the Lava Pool, making them bounce for more multipliers and land in the Spikes for an extreme score. Missing them might make so they hit a tree or rocks and change course - maybe correcting it, who knows!

Even poor Charon and the Ferry are interactable, and we're sure you'll throw them around just for the sake of it.

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Fun with the Dead

The theme is a light and creative spin into an universally know environment - the Greek gods and ancient Greece. A complete fully working online leader board system (which we are very proud of!) stimulates competition and playing that extra one match.

The game has high replayability, and that's even before we add the Mythological Dead into it - a very fun and game changing mechanic. If only we had more time... (said every person in every jam ever)

We feel like we've created a rich, easy to play and surprisingly deep gameplay, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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