My name is CHITESCU FLORENTIN DUMITRU and I am 30 years old, I am a young entrepreneur who in collaboration with other engineers from university and colleagues from Romania and Europe, tried to find an solution to help the society in this difficult moment in time in and after the Corona crisis. We hear every day on TV that the biggest problem at this moment is the missing medical protection against the virus in form of protective masks.... and that they are not available on the market, difficult to import, or come with high costs.

After a brief research in Romania, I found out that there is no one who produces any type of protective masks in my country, neither surgical, nor FFP2 or FFP3 masks. So, we thought to build something that would produce them quickly and in large numbers in an easy and cost-effective way. We came out with the “Modular Microfactory”


The video shows our machine which we have built using our own personal money. A modular factory to produce masks and all stored in a container for easy shipment. The base model is designed to produce surgical masks (the most known) and even better by changing two parts of the base model you can also produce other mask models like FFP2 or FFP3. We are using special techniques and special design (also for the control flow) to make it simple, more practical and fast. We documented in detail how the machine is made (Bill of Material)

We thought the container idea is very good because in this way, it can be easily transported where is mostly needed. The container obviously runs on energy but we have also thought of those places where there is no energy or could be lacking for various reasons so some solar panels on the container can make it work and as a second alternative in case the solar production is not sufficient, the container can also be connected to a generator. We thought of this alternative for countries where energy is not always available. This mini factory can produce up 60.000 to 90.000 masks every day (the number depends on the type of mask) and need only one person to monitor and manage the assembly line. Time to build the machine is 5-8 weeks.

At this moment, the demand for masks is very high given that we are in a pandemic period, but I am sure that we would certainly need it again. Withthis project we thought to solve this problem forever. This mini factory could produce masks for a large city in less than a week and for a large hospital in one day. Every large city or hospital, company or region could have one of these mini factories available and produce enough masks according to their needs. Just connect the container to the electricity and start producing immediately. With this system you no longer need to worryabout having masks on stock like every European country does but you would have a machine that can produce them immediately and that can be moved wherever you want.

With my friends we have estimated production costs for every assembly line. I know that the cost may seem a lot, even for me this sum means a lot of money but if we look at how much each country and population can benefit from sufficient number masks, it is a very good investment. Also, all states and organizations who own a Modular Microfactory have muchlower costs (see the Return on Invest) and two more things: they would have them after some weeks and get independent on other suppliers.


We tried to estimate the costs and verify the economic advantages of the project. Obviously, the calculations are made for prices in a normal period not as in the present times where others try to raise prices given the shortage and the great demand. We calculated an average of costs for three different models, obviously they can vary little .... but nothing material.

        Production line for surgical masks in container:
  • Costs: 180.000 EURO
  • Production: 60.000 masks/day
  • Materials: 0,20 euro/ mask
  • Price production and logistics: 0,20 euro/mask
  • Final price: 0,40 euro/mask
  • Commercial price: 0,50 euro/ mask
  • Billed per day: 30.000 euro (Net profit 6.000)

  • Return on Invest: In 30 days, Break Even is reached.

  • Delivery Time: approx. 8 weeks

         Production lines for surgical masks & FFP2:
  • Costs: 380.000 EURO

  • Production: 60.000 surgical masks/day OR 40.000 FFP2 masks/day

  • Materials: 0,20 euro/ mask (surgical) OR 1,20 euro/mask (FFP2)

  • Price production and logistics: 0,20 euro/mask

  • Final price: 0,40 euro/mask OR 1,40 euro/mask (FFP2)

  • Commercial price: 0,50 euro/ mask OR 1,60 euro/mask (FFP2)

  • Billed per day: 30.000 euro (Net profit 6.000 euro) OR 64.000 euro (Net profit 8.000 euro FFP2)

  • Return on Invest: In 60 days, Break Even is reached.

  • Delivery Time: on request

          Production lines for surgical masks & FFP2 & FFP3:
  • Costs: 480.000 EURO

  • Production: ************

  • Materials: ***************

  • Price production and logistics: ***********

  • Final price: ***************

  • Commercial price: **********

  • Billed per day: ***********

  • Return on Invest: In 90 days, Break Even is reached.

  • Delivery Time: on request

All calculations we have made are based on estimates which, however, are not far from the truth. In the video you can see the machine working perfectly for the first line but in order to finish the project we need funds. We have built what you can see with our own funds and with donations. In order to finish it, we hope to find an investor or have access to European funds.

We have not reinvented the wheel though we have certainly managed to make the production faster and more efficient. As we all know we should wear masks for a long time after this pandemic so the market demand for masks will be very high. We want to be ready to supply them to everyone and at a very low price. Our idea is one step away from being realized .... we just need another little help. With the necessary funds we would be able to finish the project and start mass production of the Modular Microfactory.

A great inventor and innovator of his time Archimedes once said "Give me a lever and a support point and I will lift the world up " we would never be as good as he but if we had the funds we would solve the problem of masks forever. We could send one of these mini factory to any part of the world so that everyone can benefit from it.

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