I came to find out how many animals are dying due to humans. Typically this isn’t counted as a “huge” problem, because humans count COVID, BLM, Asian Hate Crimes, etc…. as huge problems. Little do we know, dying could possibly be the worst crime in the whole world! Animals, who help us live, are dying. Animals help us, while we ignore them. Coming to understand this, by exploring animals, I realized that animals are treated extremely poorly. And we must change this!

What it does

I created a Website that links multiple resources for tons of animals! It will direct you to a page where you can make a donation towards these animals! I have also listed the Extinction Risk, as this may help you find which animal you want to care more for! To make this more organized, I allowed users to arrange the animal grid. For example, you can make the animals that start with the letter “A” go first, and the animals that start with “Z” go last. I also categorized it based on their extinction risk!

How we built it

I built this Website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript! I used an online coding platform, which is I first brainstormed the topic using Google Docs, then I coded it out. I made a few styling edits, and came to a realization that the website does not look the best. I did some searching on Google, and was able to improve the focus of the website! Soon I was able to have a new and improved website!

Challenges we ran into

I ran into many challenges while creating this project! One of them was to come up with an acceptable idea that would help animals around the world! Another challenge I ran into was coding JavaScript. I am familiar and am able to code the basics in JS, although I have never been able to make something so organized using JS! Another accomplishment was styling the web page! It took a few trial and errors to come up with a finalized look of the website!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One main accomplishment I am proud of, was being able to create the JavaScript section, and organize the animals accordingly based on what the user wants! I am also really proud of the UI/UX Design, I think it looks splendid!

What we learned

I learned how to accordingly adjust the animal grid, based on the user’s inputs! I also learnt that, at this point, many animals are suffering more than we do! Along with that, I learnt a lot more animal facts!!

What's next for Save Endangered Species

If I had more time, more ideas, more sources, I would probably be able to create my own Donation center, where you would be able to Donate on this website, and then it goes toward animal fundraising centers!

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