Based on idea of flappy bird, Easter day and Long Beach Hack art design

What it does

Using Leap Motion to control the Easter Bunny to pass enemy in ocean and deliver Easter egg for Long Beach. The enemy is spawn based on the beats of background music.

How we built it

The game is a 2D game built on unity. The user's motion is detected by leap motion. User can use the height of palm to control height of rabbit and snap to let rabbit blink to pass enemy.

Challenges we ran into

How to recognize the beats in the music and apply to the position of the enemy is our biggest challenge. We find an online pack to analyze the number of beats in the music and link it with the spawning system of enemy. We also spend lots of time to adjust the difficulty of the game and how to control the character.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The entire game is pretty smooth! The enemy show up based on the beats of music make the game more challenging.

What we learned

How to use leap motion to recognize complicate hand gestures. How to detect the beats in the music

What's next for Save Easter Day in Long Beach

We are going to include more background music, create more scene more types of enemy and interesting skills.

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