We were inspired to create this product after seeing the devastation caused by the influx of natural disasters and man made disaster events. This made us think, how can we help.

What it does

There are two pieces to this, an embedded system that relays over wifi or radio in order for a system in the cloud to monitor events in real time. Using HDBSCAN we can identify events by clustering beacons going off. When identified we can alert the proper authorities as well as use the devices to pinpoint people in danger

How we built it

The device is built out of arduino with several arduino modules. The server side is built out of go, docker and python for the various aspects

Challenges we ran into

We accidentally bought a radio receiver instead of transmitter, so we had to build our own transmitter. Also getting the arduino to communicate with the server was not a simple feat

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a product that could potentially save lives, as well as getting our pieces built and deployed into aws.

What we learned

There's never enough time and integration is very challenging.

What's next for save and identify

Continuing development and shrinking the size of the device for more mobility!

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