Over a TA meeting, professor showed a really bare bone office hour scheduling app one student made. He looked at the features of the site, decided it will be a useful app, however, there are a lot more features he wants that could be implemented improved upon. We decided to take the professor's suggestions, and some more features we would like on a scheduling app, and turn it to our current project, Save A Grade.

What it does

This is a website with the purpose of allowing students and professors to organize office hours for classes.

How we built it

We smashed our fingers on keyboards and the magical languages of PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML appeared. We also had the assistance of libraries such as jQuery, AJAX, and Bootstrap. In order to build the relational database, we modeled the entities with a relational diagram. From there, the tables were made using SQL and phpMyAdmin. In order to get the data from certain days, a calendar API was implemented.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting the Calendar API to work efficiently.
  • Handling a complex relational database.
  • Trying to stay awake for 36 hours. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Solving (or at least making an effort to solve) all the above challenges. ## What we learned
  • Calendar APIs are hard.
  • Sleep is important.
  • Time constraints are a factor when tackling a project. ## What's next for Save-A-Grade
  • Generate more data.
  • Making it more user-friendly.
  • Selling it to professors and implementing user suggestions.
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