Saving money by optimizing the use of water in California from farmers, we do not want to get in another drought, and almond milk is getting expensive.

What it does

Uses weather predictions to optimize the water use of farmers, because they will not have to water on certain days

How we built it

It is a webapp using different api's from (as of now) private companies to get a compilation of weather data to be able to predict the amount of water needed for the month, and letting the farmer know how much they would save.

Challenges we ran into

Learning PHP enough to be able to manipulate data to a preferred degree.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to learn various languages in a day enough to make a functional application

What we learned

the language PHP, how to interact with online API' s from various private websites.

What's next for Save 2 OHH

the ability to interface with governmental companies, more accurate predictions.

Built With

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