Airlines have implemented new sanitation processes amid COVID-19, such as spraying disinfectant on every surface of the cabin and or using spray machines. A more prominent solution, however, is being manufactured by companies like Honeywell and Germ Falcon where machines carrying large UV lights are being used manually. Ultimately, both methods of sanitation risk the health of the employee managing the process.

What it does

The UV cleaning system we have created is autonomous and will use UVC lamps to clean three levels of the cabin of a commercial airplane to ensure that any surfaces that passengers have contact with are fully disinfected to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. The system is controlled by an app that will use the specs of any airplane for this design to be more valuable by ensuring that it could be used on all aircrafts. Thus, the employees and passengers boarding the plane will still be safe from COVID-19 exposure.

Challenges we ran into

At first our main idea was to have an autonomous robot attached to the rendering under the luggage compartment. The main issue about this particular design were the rendering dividers where it gives the information to passengers about their seat numbers. After sketching different designs, we as a team, decided to move on to a new design away from the rendering that allowed for more customizable applications.


Consisted of a 5 person team; in which there were essentially 3 CAD designers (Beatriz, Lihuen, and Kevin) and 2 Software & Circuit designers (Andrea and Chris) all playing cross functional roles throughout the project.

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