Far too often, the products we buy at stores and on e-commerce is not what we expect due to flaws, defects, and false marketing. At the same time, however, sellers are cheated by buyers who can easily blame fault for these issues on the seller, when it is really hard to prove either is responsible. In order to solve this issue, we built Sausage to provide a fair platform for people to trade.

What it does

Sausage is an Android App with a three-part process. When a transaction is made, only some % of the original balance is moved from the buyer to the seller, which is agreed upon by both partners; in doing so, the buyer can ensure the possibility of some refund in the event there are flaws or defects found in the product. As well, the % earned each day decreases exponentially, making the buyer to check for defects immediately. Using a smart contract, we can keep track of this transaction securely and safely without either party cheating the other.

If there is a dispute raised by the buyer (e.g.; due to a defect), then both the seller and buyer go to "court" where they present their story/evidence/arguments to anonymous third party sources. If the buyer wins, then the buyer enters the third part of the process which is to seek an alternative solution from the anonymous voters by taking back the remaining balance and using it however he/she likes.

This makes both parties as fair as possible.

How we built it

Using smart contracts, were able to model transactions between both buyers & sellers and buyers & voters.

Challenges we ran into

Pretty much everything. Probably the hardest part was assembling everything together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hey. we're alive. Even better, we all learned something about blockchain.

What we learned

Solidity, good (and bad) UI design

What's next for Sausage

More interfacing between app and backend.

Built With

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