Inspiration: Mario party mini game. As well as the recent works by the oculus and HTC5 VR studio.

What it does: A video game that puts you at the center of a classic shooter game.

How we built it: We built it using Unity and android SDK toolkit.

Challenges we ran into: We were unfamiliar with the software Unity so that caused us to run into issues, as well as creating the enemies, and saucers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Successfully creating the saucers, enemies "UFOs", and making the start menu for the game.

What we learned: How to use Unity and get more familiar with the android SDK toolkit, how to work as a team, time management, scripting in C#, cs, JavaScript, blender, planning, prototyping, and team building.

What's next for Saucer Swarm: Further refinement, cross-platform across different OS, expanding movement capabilities, more levels, and more.

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