We've always loved the idea that you want to paste Sauce Labs results in chat. We have a custom built inhouse solution, but we wanted something more, something everyone could use. We especially wanted videos to be watchable right in the chat.

What it does / How we built it

Simple atlassian-connect plugin to interface Sauce Labs and Hipchat. Learned how to make dialogs pop up on demand. Embed a video player and are able to watch Sauce Labs assets.

Challenges we ran into

Mostly just messaging data to look nice. Passing short term authentication tokens around so everyone in the chat can see data without leaking credentials

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Dialogs showing the screenshots and logs are pretty sweet

What we learned

Limitations of the hipchat plugin. While sometimes frustrating, they all made sense. Can't have multiple lozenges in a glance. You can't really have a glance per user, you'll run into api limits.

What's next for Sauce Labs for Hipchat

  • Notifications of jobs starting/stopping
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