What is it

We were tired of copying and pasting screenshots and logs into newly created jira tickets. We have all the information, why do we need to do it by hand. Sauce Labs for JIRA provides that for you. Screenshots, Log files, even a link to the video file, are all attached directly to the issue. No need to go find it later or log in.

Challenges we ran into

How do we talk to a jira instance that is behind the firewall? We can't really try to setup a vpn for each and every customer, and that'd open us up to liability issues, and for anything with regulatory stuff, its probably not even feasible. We could setup polling, but that'd make the flow really feel sluggish and heavy on resources. Could setup two way messaging ala rabbitmq, websockets or something.

We also wanted a solution that worked the same for cloud and server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of / What we learned

In the end we found out we didn't have to go that complicated. JIRA supports CORS for whitelisted domains. Once we figured out how to set this up, everything fell swiftly into place.

What's next for Sauce Labs for JIRA

More meta data Better onboarding Find a way to embed videos directly Post multiple screenshots

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