The inspiration is to reduce forced advertisement on SnapChat Users. While enhancing their experience by providing filters based on their clothing.

Sauce is a third party app that recognizes clothing items and provides the user an option to incorporate a custom filter for that clothing item. Which then is able to be sent to SnapChat, and be shared with friends and family.

We used Android Studio for the User Interface and part of the backend development, while incorporating google cloud machine learning apis in order to recognize the clothing options. Which is then sent to SnapChat using their Creative SDK.

The challenges we faced were working with the SnapChat Creative SDK since there was limited documentation on it since it was released nine months ago.

Successfully using the google cloud api for the machine learning which would recognize and reject an object with 95%.

We learned how to tackle technologies that we are not familiar with. Which is a priceless opportunity for our future careers.

We will work on cleaning up the User Interface and develop the third party component through Android studio.

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