As everyday students, our incoming stress regarding college admissions grew closer and closer. Even in our modern society, the information regarding college applications or organizing a college list is close to nothing as students start off from zero when applying themselves. We took advantage of this problem and decided to make a voice recognition software and a organizing Django app that would allow students to obtain the necessary information to take their next step into the future. Also for this project, after they have entered information regarding colleges they can log into a local online web user chat in which they can share any information with other users across any platform.

What it does

Our voice recognition software is a user-friendly interface that takes the top 20 colleges and answers questions regarding GPA, SAT, and the best major. Students will be able to take this information and store it in our to-do app which gives quality sorting to take the correct necessary steps for the application process. The to-do app will help give us new insights on sorting on

How we built it

We built this by utilizing our knowledge of a wide network of languages and imported packages. Our app was built in Django and our Voice Recognition software was built in VSCODE. Using the Flask software tool and local host server we were able to get the voice recognition software to work.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some issues with the configuration of the local host server for the online web user chat and for our voice recognition software we had some problems with the actually user input regarding speech to text. We had fixed the local host server by addressing the broadcast to itself so that it is not abroad to every place in the server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build a voice recognition software, online web user chat, and a to-do app in one day and we believe they ran with perfect quality.

What we learned

We learned a variety of different integrations with the app and different languages as well as the different applications of jQuery and more advanced packages.

What's next for SATURN

We hope to advance our speech recognition and app while keeping our local host server much more advanced.

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