Project Goal:

Everyone nowadays has a social media account, can raise their voices and make a real impact without denying themselves and being fake.

Yet classical influencer platforms only care about numbers and pseudo-celebrities.

We at SaTT, we want to help “normal people” make a side hustle by giving them the opportunity to monetize their social media accounts with fair remuneration based on crypto and brands to benefit from authentic followers.

Project Info and details


Advertising evolved over time, from traditional media to digital media to social media. This transformation shaped our lives and built a centralized model where our data is owned by GAFA.

Freemium business models use generated data, process it using algorithms, and reuse it to offer advertising services.

If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. Tristan Harris, former Google designer.

This current model led to malvertisements and privacy concerns. People became very skeptical about the way they consume advertising.

This situation gave birth to another advertising model with the emergence of influencer marketing: influencer marketing platforms are where influencers and advertisers collaborate together to drive engagement.

Both models haven’t been able to fulfill marketers needs due to high fees, subscription based models and irrelevant payments systems.

This gave birth to SaTT, the new age advertising platform where advertisers can easily create campaigns called Ad Pools with predefined budgets using SaTT or other cryptocurrencies, while influencers can receive their payment in SaTT and exchange it.

The SaTT platform is ruled by Smart Contracts, secured by Blockchain and run by SaTT Smart Protocol ; automatically calculates the results of posts on various social media platforms through an ERC-20 token designed to facilitate information exchange between content creators and advertisers.

What is SaTT’s vision:

The SATT platform is where influencers and brands collaborate to create value for customers by bridging between web2 and web3 to ensure a more inclusive social media usage that benefits both sides. This collaboration is a way to reduce malvertisements and privacy concerns. It will help us to take back control over our data and rebuild a decentralized system.

Project Milestones:


  • Pre-ICO Launch
  • SaTT Wallet Creation


  • Oracles Release: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Advertising Smart Contract Alpha Release (ERC20 only).
  • SaTT Wallet Alpha Release.
  • Firsts 10 YouTube Test Ad Pools.


  • Advertising Smart Contract V1 Release (ERC20 only)
  • Advertising Smart Contract Audit
  • New cryptocurrencies available on SaTT Wallet
  • SaTT First Listing on 3 Exchanges
  • Temporary centralized solution to test the DApp (without Ethereum fees)


  • Advertising Smart Contract BEP20 Release
  • SaTT Wallet First Acces Bêta
  • Twitter Oracle Relaunch
  • Advertising Smart Contract V2
  • The Graph Implementation
  • SaTT Wallet V1 Release

Q1/Q2 2022:

  • YouTube Oracle Relaunch
  • Instagram Oracle Relaunch
  • Facebook Oracle Relaunch
  • SaTT Wallet Open Source Version Release
  • LinkedIn Oracle Release
  • TikTok Oracle Release

Q3/Q4 2022:

  • SaTT Wallet Multichain Compatibility
  • VK Oracle Release
  • Pinterest Oracle Release
  • SaTT Connect Module
  • Wallet Connect - SaTT / Metamask / Coinbase Connect
  • Publisher Tools - Automatic Generated Content
  • Scoring System
  • IA selection - Anti Cheat / Anti Fraud Algorithm

Detailed roadmap for the Hackathon:

SaTT (need an essential update before)

  • SaTT on TRX Chain
  • SaTT on BTT Chain


  • SaTT Wallet Compatibility With TRX Chain
  • SaTT Wallet Compatibility With BTT Chain :orange_square: on testnet
  • Advertising Smart Contract With TRX Chain
  • Advertising Smart Contract With BTT Chain :orange_square: on testnet
  • First TRX Chain Ad Pool
  • First BTT Chain Ad Pool

Decentralized Exchange


  • Liquidity Pool SaTT/BNB BEP20 :white_check_mark:
  • JustMoney AdPool :white_check_mark:


  • Liquidity Pool SaTT/TRX
  • Liquidity Pool SaTT/BTT
  • LP Pool SaTT/TRX
  • LP Pool SaTT/BTT



Elk Finance


Crosschain development

  • SaTT Wallet Compatibility With Gate Chain
  • Advertising Smart Contract With Gate Chain
  • SaTT Wallet Compatibility With Polygon MATIC
  • Advertising Smart Contract With Polygon MATIC
  • SaTT Wallet Compatibility With Heco Chain
  • Advertising Smart Contract With Heco Chain More

  • Decentralized protection of campaigns on Bittorrent back up BTFS (IPFS alternativ)

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