One of my friends is a streamer and he was complaining about the fees charged on his donations by Youtube. Also, I saw the case of YouNow that was growing despite using their own cryptocurrency (props) as donations, a short-lived and relatively unknown cryptocurrency. So, as a Bitcoiner, I have decided to create an alternative with Bitcoin lightning payments and I believe many would prefer receiving sats instead of Props.

What it does

Live streaming platform with built-in Bitcoin tipping. It enables live streamers to go live in seconds, engage with their audience and #stacksats

How I built it

We have used Blockstack for authentication and storing data, Jitsi WebRTC for streaming and OpenNode for bitcoin payments.

Challenges I ran into

The main problem was to decide which streaming solution would be ideal for starting a live streaming platform, since there are many solutions, but most of them are for big players.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building the first live streaming platform with built-in Bitcoin tipping.

What I learned

I had to learn about many different live streaming solutions and how each one is better at certain things.

What's next for SatsHi

  • Adding more paid interactions other than SuperChat. Example, stickers, displaying something on video, joining the live, etc
  • Scheduling live streams
  • More social features such as being notified everytime your favorite streamers go live, etc.
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